10 Things to do during a Lazy Weekend

     While we all live very busy lives, we still have those weekends when there's nothing penciled into our schedules. We find ourselves sitting around, and often bored out of our minds.. For some doing nothing can be really nice and relaxing for awhile, but after awhile we start wishing that we're busy doing something. Why not use these moments of boredom to try something new or pick up an old hobby. 

Here at CCF we see being healthy in terms trying new things to become more well rounded. 

Our top 10 things to do on a lazy weekend are:

1. Try out a new recipe! (the CCF blog Recipe Book has a whole bunch if you need some inspiration)
Our Smoked Salmon Caesar Salad, so delicious! 

2. Go to a Farmer's Market
Local markets: Glens Falls, Saratoga, Bolton Landing, Lake Placid etc. 

3. Gardening

4. Go for a hike/walk/run/bike/swim/ANYTHING!  
You'll feel so much better after moving and getting some fresh air and sun.

5. Pick a flower bouquet 
This can be composed of wild flowers or flowers from your garden! Flowers add a nice pop of color and summertime feel to your home.

6. Catch up with family and friends
Get coffee, Make a nice meal together, go for a walk!

7. Plan out your upcoming week
It sounds so basic, but it helps relieve stress and allows your to mentally prepare for the upcoming week.

8. Get creative!
Journal, sketch, paint, knit, dance.. whatever makes you happy!

9. Start a new book
OR magazine, OR newspaper, OR blog (wink wink)

10. Self Care
Take a bath, Meditate, Eat ice cream, Cleaning Therapy,  Yoga!

Hopefully this post will inspire you for the next time that you don't know what to do with your lazy weekend! 


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