Embrace the Imperfections

Embrace the Imperfections 

In a previous post titled "What does "healthy" mean?," we discussed how the media portrays an unrealistic vision of what it means to be "healthy." In that post we talked about the importance of finding a balance in life and how reaching a seemingly "perfect" level of fitness/body appearance (or anything...) can be unattainable. Instead of expecting perfection, why not love the imperfections that surround being healthy, whether that means napping or cooking instead of going to the gym or doing hard intervals.

Even at CCF we have learned to embrace the imperfections that are attached to organic farming. For example, we see this a lot in the produce we harvest on a regular basis. Often we see veggies that look deformed or mutilated in their shape and size.  We often see greens that have insect holes in them.  At a commercial farm, these warped (imperfect) veggies would be disposed of and not sold to the public. Also, chances are, on any commercial farm, imperfections on veggies would not be as prevalent because of chemical usage and GMO seeds used as part of their farming practices. At CCF, we don't rely on the use of GMO seeds, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides (or any synthetic chemical for that matter).  As a result, this might cause the veggies to be less uniform or attractive as the veggies often seen in groceries stores. 

We are very cognizant of our imperfections at CCF, and are constantly in a state of experimentation and change in our organic farming practices and techniques.  It is a learning process. Growing organically is not easy... While we embrace our flaws, we also strive to achieve our goals and succeed as a small organic farm. It can become a difficult dance between being critical enough of our processes, while also accepting that change and progress takes time, and with that comes an acceptance that we will never be the "perfect" farm. Similar to CCF, we want our customers and readers to love their personal imperfections, while continuing on the path towards their dreams and aspirations.


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